About company

The beginning was in 1998 as an individual enterprise and AlMasria Company for Fertilizers and Agricultural Crops was opened as an Egyptian joint stock company in 2004. Agents of major international and local companies and importers of the most important agricultural production supplies of fertilizers, nutrients and agricultural pesticides, we provide you with the best agricultural products which the company realizes how important it is to plant and soil to raise and increase production. Over the 23 years since its founding has become one of the largest companies operating in the Egyptian agricultural market.

Company Activity

Providing all agricultural production supplies of certified quality fertilizers and pesticides at competitive prices and this is the result of extensive experience and high specialization in knowing the requirements of the agricultural market, we provide high quality products for plant care and protection from cultivation to harvest. Our recent activities have also included land reclamation, where the company owns an area of 1,500 acres in Al-Dabaa where various types of crops, vegetables and fruits have been grown using the latest agricultural techniques and modern equipment.

Our Vision

The company sought from the beginning to choose products that support more than one vital function in the plant with high quality materials and at the same time reduce the farmer’s expenses, This helps him to obtain the best productivity and a bountiful crop with a high financial return, thus achieving a balance between the two parties “the company and its customers” Where our relationship with our customers is a partnership in work and success, thanks to the company’s ideal positive solutions that have contributed to many achievements within the farms along with the technical services provided by the company to the Egyptian farmer, which suit his conditions and so that he can apply well on the ground. Your success and superiority with us is the best evidence of our good cooperation with you.

Our Goal

The company seeks to become one of the largest leading companies in the agricultural market in Egypt by meeting all its needs of agricultural production requirements with its long-term relations with many suppliers and manufacturers inside and outside the Arab Republic of Egypt, and it is also working to expand its activity in the governorates of Egypt to cover local consumption through continuous and direct communication with farmers, traders and retailers.

Our Mission

Providing the best pesticides and fertilizers to the Egyptian market which help to maintain the quality of crops before and after harvest and to promote Egyptian agriculture and the Egyptian product. We’re keen to provide the best agricultural products that grow in the agricultural market in a large way that suits all farmers and We’re aware of the importance of agriculture which is one of the basic pillars of the state’s economy, as it represents a large percentage of the net national income of the country, as it provides the society with all its needs of different types of food and is considered an integrated lifestyle, especially for the Egyptian farmer.

Future Aspirations

We look to the future with optimism, we’ll always focus on achieving superior performance for our customers and we’ll also continue to fully support them.
In conclusion, I’d like to thank all our customers, employees and partners for their support to build Al Masria as a stronger company capable of continuing and developing in the Egyptian agricultural market in the coming years.

By choosing to work with us, you can guarantee:-

  • Accuracy: You'll be delivered the required products on time.
  • Quality: We only work with carefully selected manufacturers and suppliers.. Moreover, we guarantee the quality of the products offered to our customers.
  • Renewal: Activating new ways and methods to communicate with customers.
  • Openness: Open and honest dialogue with employees and customers is our way of communicating.
  • Good performance and assistance: Your questions will receive adequate answers and your problems will receive the best solutions.
  • Speed: We'll answer your questions and inquiries as quickly as possible.
  • Development and growth: Our goal is to grow and develop with you and for you.