Our Services

  • Providing detailed technical information about the products and how to use them as well as provide intensive support during the application stages to reach the best results.
  • The company provides the necessary technical support for the optimal use of all its products and to help farmers overcome the problems they face, identify and treat diseases and train them to protect and improve crops before and after harvest.
  • The company is characterized by a technical and commercial cadre composed of highly experienced agricultural engineers who are in direct contact with distributors and farmers to find appropriate solutions to any problems they encounter. Our team takes your requirements seriously, meets your needs and provides the best assistance before and after sale.
  • We provide you with a strong after-sales customer service, With the exception of selling products we pay attention to after-sales service as well. We offer the best plan and suggestions on how to apply, dosage, etc.
  • We offer the best agricultural products customized to meet the needs of crops which are widely used in agricultural production, based on our strong research and development team.
  • The company has carried out many field experiments on the ground by experimenting with some of our products on our farm to ensure obtaining the finest and best crops as the company offers the best advanced technologies that have contributed to increasing agricultural production rates.